A championship win is seasonal but ownership is a win for generations. 

Entrepreneurship is our passion and MMC Agency and partners want to contribute to your success story by sourcing, launching, and managing opportunities for you to build your legacy off the field or court. 

Martin Management Collective’s elite resources combined with relentless grit provides the complete support structure for professional athletes who want to build their legacy off the court or field. As advocates of creating and protecting generational wealth, MMC sources key opportunities based on the interests of our clients then champions their passions through a custom approach to generate additional revenue streams. Millions of dollars are being left on the table and are not being tapped into because individuals do not know how to effectively pursue opportunities that would make the most movement in their businesses or do not have the time to pursue those opportunities. 

By removing the burden of managing multiple business relationships, MMC streamlines communication and implements structure with processes and accountability while ensuring the client is fully informed and involved in the decision-making process. Our full-service concierge approach fosters personal and professional development so our clients have the support needed to show up as the best versions of themselves as athletes, business owners, and philanthropists.